Janaya Stephens

Acting Portfolio


Appears in the new movie “ Strange But True” directed my Rowan Athale. Got to work along side the lovely Amy Ryan.

Had the pleasure of working with Katherine Heigl in an episode of the final Season of “Suits”

Had an amazing time working on “Murdoch Mysteries” with the talented Yannick Bisson and Thomas Craig!


Got to work with Natasha McElhone on “Designated Survivor”


Appeared in 4 episodes of the hit series “Quantico”

November 2015

Janaya just appeared in the "Saving Hope" Christmas episode. She will also appear in the fall finale of "Quantico" airing this Sunday December 13th 10 pm CTV/ ABC. You can also catch her in the season 3 opener of "The Strain"

November 2015

Janaya is shooting an episode of "Quantico" and enjoying her time working with the great cast and crew and the lovely guest stars Marcia Cross and Mark Pelligrino.

June 2014

Janaya started this year off doing an episode of the Netflix original series "Hemlock Grove". The entire series is set for release in July. Janaya was also asked to be the lead in a short film for Alex Clark called "Siren". Bravofact will air it, but only after it is submitted to all the big film festivals this year. Updates on "Siren" to follow as they occur.

February 2014

Janaya is back to work and is looking forward to seeing what this new chapter in her career brings.

November 2012

Janaya just gave birth to her second child, a beautiful baby boy. Watch for her in the final seasons last episode of Flashpoint, and her final performance as Sophie Lane.

February 2010

When season three of Flashpoint returns look for Janaya's character Sophie Lane to make a strong comeback in episodes 1, 5 & 6 and possibly more. Flashpoint won three Gemini's one of which was for best Drama.

September 2009

Janaya is currently working on two projects: "Family Gathering", a Hallmark Feature Starring Natasha Henstridge and "At Risk", a Lifetime Movie of the Week Starring Andie Mac Dowell and Daniel Sunjata.

March 2009

View Janaya's demo reel.

January 2009

"Flashpoint" Returns to CTV and CBS Friday January 9th, 9PM. Catch Janaya in 3 out of the next 4 episodes.

July 2008

Check out the series premiere of "Flashpoint" on CTV at 10 pm July 11th. Janaya appears as Hugh Dillions wife, Sophie Lane. Also August 22nd release date of "Death Race" Janaya stars as Jason Statham's wife, Suzy Ames in the Universal pictures feature directed by Paul .S. Anderson.

August 2007

Janaya has just landed a role in the feature film "Death Race"starring Jason Statham and Joan Allen. Production starts in Montreal this fall. It's being directed by Paul W.S. Anderson.

July 2007

Janaya was just recently cast in a series regular role in a Pilot for CTV. The working title at present is "Critical Incident." The proposed series stars Hugh Dillon.

March 2006

Janaya will be appearing in a Disney Feature film called "The Lookout" that is currently shooting in Winnipeg and Stars Jeff Daniels and Joseph Gordon Levitt. Janaya has just landed a recurring role on "Beautiful People" for the ABC Family Channel, starring Daphne Zuniga, Sarah Foret, Torry De Vitto, and Ricky Mabe.

November 2005

Janaya just attended the premiere in Hollywood of the third film instalment in the Left Behind series, "Left Behind World At War" in which she stars with Louis Gossett Jr., Kirk Cameron, Brad Johnson and Jessica Steen. The DVD went on the shelves Oct.25 2005. Janaya had a cameo appearance in the CBS Movie of the week "The Hunt for the BTK Killer" starring Greg Henry and also appeared in the CBS Action packed Mini-Series "Category 7: The End of the World" starring Gina Gershon, Tom Skerritt and Randy Quaid. It airs Nov. 6. Look for Janaya in The Showtime pilot "Filthy Gorgeous" as she takes her first shot at playing an upscale fashion assistant chalk full of attitude.

May 2005

Janaya has landed a series regular role in A Lifetime Network Mini-Series called "Beach Girls" based on the novel by Louanne Rice of the same title.The series stars Rob Lowe.

March 2005

See Janaya as Allison in four episodes of "Kevin Hill". Episode #115 is entitled "The Cardiac Episode" and episode #116 is entitled "Only Sixteen". Episode #118 is entitled "The Monroe Doctrine" and #119 is entitled "Through the Looking Glass".

February 2005

Janaya will be reprising her role in the third installment of the film series "Left Behind". Shooting begins Feb. 21st. The film is being directed by Craig Baxley and stars Louis Gossett Jr. Janaya has landed 4 episodes of "Kevin Hill" Her character Allison is Dame Ruiz's assistant at DDK. Janaya's episode of "Missing" called "Paper Anniversary has not yet aired in Canada, keep an eye out for the delayed airing on your local Canadian carrier. You can also catch Janaya in a Rogers Wireless ad airing nationally in Canada.

December 2004

Catch Janaya in "Missing" airing January 23rd at 10pm on the Lifetime Network.

November 2004

Watch Janaya in the CBS Mini-Series "Category 6: Day of Destruction".

September 2004

Watch Janaya in "Suburban Madness" starring Sela Ward. Also, see Janaya in "While I was Gone" starring Kirstie Alley. Catch Janaya in an episode of Sue Thomas F.B.Eye called "Skin Deep".

August 2004

Janaya will be working in Winnipeg this month shooting a mini-series called "Category 6: Day of Destruction" starring Thomas Gibson, Brian Dennehy, Diane Wiest , Randy Quaid and Nancy McKeon.

June 2004

Janaya is working on another Movie of the Week for CBS. "While I was Gone" stars Kirstie Alley and is based on a novel by Sue Miller.

August 2004

Janaya will be working in Winnipeg this month shooting a mini-series called "Overload" starring Thomas Gibson, Brian Dennehy, Diane Wiest , Randy Quaid and Nancy McKeon.

June 2004

Janaya is working on another Movie of the Week for CBS. "While I was Gone" stars Kirstie Alley and is based on a novel by Sue Miller.

May 2004

Janaya is currently shooting another Movie of the Week for CBS starring Sela Ward called "Suburban Madness". Janaya plays the Daughter (Cassie) of Sela Ward's character. Watch for Janaya in an episode of "Sue Thomas F.B.Eye" to air in the Fall.

February 2004

Janaya is currently shooting an episode of Mutant X in a Guest starring role. The episode is called "Cirque Des Merveilles" #321. On March 14th at 8pm on ABC, watch for a movie of the week called "Celeste in the City" that Janaya filmed in December 2003.

June 2003

The International Society for Excellence in Christian Film & Television has nominated Janaya in the Best Motion Picture Actress category for her role as Chloe in Tribulation Force. The awards ceremony is to be held in October. For more information, visit the CFT web site: http://www.cftexcellence.net.

May 2003

Janaya just landed a large role in a MOW for CBS starring Mary Tyler Moore. Janaya will be playing Mary's Character "Lydia" when she was a young woman. The Movie is called "Blessings", and is based on the Novel by Anna Quindlen. Shooting starts in Halifax in June.

February 2003

Watch for Janaya in a new commercial for Bud Light.

May 2002

Reprising her role as Chloe Steele, Janaya is currently hard at work shooting the sequel to "Left Behind." The movie is being directed by Bill Corcoran and produced by Cloud Ten Pictures. "Tribulation Force" will be released in November 2002.

November 2001

Janaya just finished a stunt actor role on an episode of the "Relic Hunter" featuring a classic sword fight scene with Hercules

July 2001

Catch Janaya in two episodes of Leap Years. You might also spot Janaya in the latest Hyundai Elantra Commercial and the "Sweet Caroline...Big Song" Labatt Blue Commercial.